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Born in 1972, Erwann begins his musical education at the age of 7 at the Lorient Conservatory where he starts playing the clarinet. At the age of 17 he goes to the United States and discovers film music alongside Ralph Grierson, a renowned session keyboard player in Hollywood.

From short films to television series (Braquo, No Limit), through action movies or mainstream comedies (like director Eric Lartigau's I Do, But who killed Pamela Rose?), he gradually introduces himself into the French media landscape. Olivier Marchal's faithful collaborator since 2004, he composes the music for 36th Precinct and A Gang Story and also works on the Section Zero series, airing from april 2016 on Canal +.
Erwann Kermorvant likes to cruise freely between genres and disciplines : in 2013 he signs the music for the Aleph ballet for the Karma Dance Project.