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Born in 1983, Etienne started playing music as a self-taught musician at the age of 12. First on the guitar, then around a four tracks recorder with synthesizers and drum machines. Writing for albums, his learning is first Folk oriented, then Rock and finally Electronic.

After studying literature, he attended sound engineering classes at the ISTS school. In 2005 he met the filmmakers Buffalo Corp with whom he made his debut as composer in an amateur feature film starring Alban Lenoir. Two years later he started working for television with director Simon Astier on the series "Off Prime" and then on "Hero Corp" for 5 seasons. During that time Etienne undertook classical composition classes with a former student of the CNSM school.

Alongside his training, he continues to work on numerous short films including "The Speed ​​of the Past" by Dominique Rocher (Audi talents Award 2011) and "The Last Voyage of the Enigmatic Paul WR" by Romain Quirot (Audi talents Award 2014).

In the course of these projects, Etienne meets Julius Berg who will entrust him the music of the series "La Forêt" as well as Julien Lacombe for whom he will sign the Soundtrack of the public-acclaimed TV series "Missions".

Inspired by folk ballads, experimental electronics and post-romanticism, he strives to combine the search for refined themes with a quest for the perfect color to highlight the story and its characters.

In 2017, Etienne collaborated with 24-25 productions to compose the music of his first feature film, "La Finale" by Robin Sykes.