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Los Angeles-based French composer Laurent Eyquem has beat the odds, overcoming a series of major tragedies – including a near fatal accident that almost cost him his right arm – to become one of the most talked-about talents to arrive on the film music composing scene in recent years.

Winner of the International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA) Breakthrough Composer of the Year award, Eyquem's 2013 scores for Copperhead (Varèse Sarabande) and Winnie Mandela (Sony-RCA) garnered multiple nominations from around the world, including three nods from the IFMCA (Breakthrough Composer of the Year; Best Original Score for a Drama Film; Composer of the Year), and the much-coveted Discovery of the Year nomination from the World Soundtrack Academy.

Today, Laurent channels his life experience into eloquent and powerful music for film. As an artist, Eyquem is known for his original, melodic and lyrical style that enhances the emotional weight of the visuals it supports : The scores of Winnie (2013) starring Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson, Copperhead (2013), Tokarev (2014), Rabbid Dogs (2015) or USS Indianapolis (2016) illustrate Laurent Eyquem's unique sensibility.

Laurent just finished composing the music of Nostalgia (a feature drama directed by par Mark Pellington, starring Jon Hamm, Ellen Burstyn and Catherine Keener) and is currently working on the score of the BBC/ARTE documentary series 18 - Clash of Futures.