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Born in 1974, François-Eudes Chanfrault went beyond a sturdy classical music training in order to approach electronic music's experimental fields. After several year practicing the viola and as a baritone singer, he assimilate pop, rock, post-rock music as well as electroacoustic technics while evolving free from any formal or content dogma.

After committing the critics-awarded score for Alexandre Aja's High Tension in 2003, he works with Gilles Marchand for his film How I killed Bambi and scored Olivier Meyrou's documentary Beyond Hatred. In 2006 François-Eudes meets up once again with director Alexandre Aja while crafting the sound design of The hill have eyes, also composing the original score of Inside, directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo. He is then called upon by Olly Blackburn in order to compose the music of Donkey Punch in 2008, works with Fabrice du Weltz for his film Vinyan then with Karin Albou for The Wedding Song along with director Arnaud Malherbe for the TV Series Belleville story. Anne Le Ny puts him in charge of crafting the sensible score of her feature film Cornouaille in 2012.

He then continues to collaborate with Olly Blackburn for his latest film Kristy (aka Random) in 2013 and scored Sundance-acclaimed feature film Jamie Marks Is Dead directed by Carter Smith. The same year, he also writes the music of several ambitious TV series such as Intrusion from director Xavier Palud , Virage Nord, directed by Virginie Sauveur (awarded Best Tv Series at the La Rochelle Tv Film Festival 2014) as well as Les Heures Souterraines, directed by Philippe Harel.

More recently, François collaborated with director Clément Cogitor on the feature film The Whakhan Front and composed the score of the TV film Baisers Cachés directed by Didier Bivel. In 2016, he writes the music of Fabienne Berthaud's next feature film, SKY.